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Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial

For those who answer the call...For those who gave their lives.

Roll Call - NUMERIC

The 149 faces and names you see and read about in the following roll call are those of Nebraska law enforcement officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

As you read through the biographies and accounts, take a moment to consider who these individuals were, what their job entailed, and what their loss to family and community meant...take just a moment...consider the magnitude of their actions...never forget...spread the word...honor them.

Unfortunately, the memorial and these pages will never be static. As officers continue to answer the call, the memorial will be ever changing. We honor them.

Using the Roll Call

To navigate to the alpha tabs, scroll to the bottom of the page using the scroll bar on the farthest right side of the screen. After clicking the desired tab, use the scroll bar in the center frame to navigate each tab.

To do a search for an individual, year, agency, etc., click anywhere on the center frame (table) and hold down the 'ctrl' key and the 'F' key to FIND what you are looking for. Doing 'Ctrl + F' will open a FIND window, type what or who you are looking for, ie. Jimmy Wilson. Your word(s) should now be highlighted.